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  Rachel Ridings   8 Google Chrome Plug-Ins You Should Probably Use
Rachel Ridings


It's no secret that since its inception in 2008, Google Chrome has grown and developed into a strong browser with a clean look that has enticed a broad and devoted following. In fact, Google Chrome holds the title of the world's most used browser at this time.
With that kind of attention, it's no wonder that Chrome has a plethora of useful add-ons available for download. Some are wildly useful and others are just plain cool. Listed below are my current favorites and ones that I think everyone should install. read more

  Erin Behrenhausen   Twitter's New Brand Guidelines Are for the Birds
Erin Behrenhausen


About a month ago Twitter announced to the world that it would no longer tolerate the "bastardization" of its logo, online or otherwise. While I can appreciate a company strengthening its image and presence, I can't help but be mildly irritated.
Social media is a platform from which we as either individuals or businesses can express ourselves uniquely. It's our voice, our megaphone, our soapbox. If you want to be emotional about it, it's the embodiment of our civil liberties. So when brand guidelines are suddenly slapped onto an entity that's been regarded for the most part as a catalyst for free speech, the feeling of freedom becomes caged. read more

  Rachel Jensen   Why Social Media is Like a Dinner Party
Rachel Jensen


Have you ever been stuck at a dinner party next to the guy trying to sell you life insurance? Maybe you were, in fact in the market for a policy, but the moment he cornered you to tell you all about all the benefits, you tuned him out completely. He probably won't be invited back for dinner any time soon.
Who would you rather have sat next to? The person sharing funny stories, asking you about yourself and introducing you to a new crowd will always be more popular than the guy who talks about himself all night. Social media is not much different. read more

  Carbon8 Has New Business Cards   Carbon8 Has New Business Cards


We here at Carbon8 like to change things up for our clients AND our own company. While we love the classic look of our old business cards, we wanted to figure out a way to celebrate all the different personalities in the office. Senior Designer Erin figured out a way to keep our bottle motif, but highlight each team member's specific flavor. Literally. read more

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Tune in. Turn on. Upgrade.  |  Liz Joyce
As we all know, technology moves so quickly that we often don't even realize that we need to take the time to catch up. Think about how much we, as a society frequent the Internet. What would happen if it stopped working or didn't work adequately? (In reality, we would all live, but think about the chaos and distress of our technology-based culture!) read more


It's Awards Season  |  Kristi Mohrbacher
We loved seeing our work for a few amazing clients honored at this year's CO AMA Peak Awards Gala! Here's the wrap-up:
Gold Peak Award, Direct Mail Category, Level 3 Video Mailer
Gold Peak Award, Integrated Marketing Campaign Category, Level 3 High Performing Websites Campaign (submitted by Level 3)
Silver Peak Award, Cinematography/Video Production Category, Client BodeTree's Video
Bronze Peak Award,Cinematography/Video Production Category, Level 3 Healthcare Video
Alright, back to work so we can top this performance at next year's awards!
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HACH HQ40d Demo Web App
HACH HQ40d Demo Web App
Hunter Douglas 1
Hunter Douglas 2
Indulge Wine Bar
Level 3 Video
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Carbon8's Mark has been invited to serve as a board member for the non-profit organization, Parkinson Association of the Rockies.
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Welcome to our new team members, Kathryn, Rachel and Jon.
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Carbon8's new favorite lunch place is Jay's. Check it out!
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