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  Mark Mitton   2012: The Year of the Interactive Brochure
Mark Mitton | President


It is a great time to be a marketer. Technology changes are giving marketers the opportunity to reach their target audiences in new, exciting ways. In the last few months, we at Carbon8 have kicked off a number of "Interactive Brochure" projects with our clients.
What exactly is an "Interactive Brochure"? It's the natural outcome of putting iPads in the hands of sales representatives. In 2011, we saw the majority of our clients equip their sales force with iPads. It's a great idea, but most marketers quickly realized that simply throwing a PDF or a PowerPoint on the iPad wasn't enough. It doesn't take advantage of the elegant interactions that the iPad interface provides. read more

  Jeff Robertson   The Skype Video Doorbell
Jeff Robertson | Director of Interactive


At new client meetings, half the time I introduce myself as a "professional nerd" – I have a real title, but professional nerd is just as accurate. And the thing about professional nerds is that they're usually also personal nerds, too.
With that, I wanted to write about a personal project I completed recently – in part because I think it's cool, and also because it involves the side of development we don't get to do as often. Most of our creations at Carbon8 are digital, but not everyone knows we can do the more physical side of technology as well.
To start from the beginning, a few months ago my girlfriend encouraged me to do something special for myself for my birthday. I think she wanted me to go heli-skiing or something equally extreme – the type of things she would do. Unfortunately her plan backfired. After thinking a day or two, I told her I was going to design and build a video doorbell. read more

  Erin Behrenhausen   Infographics: What's Old Is New?
Erin Behrenhausen | Senior Graphic Designer


Infographics are playing a bigger part in the marketing world, and with good reason. Infographics offer distilled, concentrated representations of important information that usually makes up pages and pages of research reports that honestly, no one really wants to read. When properly designed they're attractive, easy to understand and of course, informative. But are they really a new concept? Hardly. read more

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Carbon8 Has Doubled in Size  |  Kristi Morbacher | Account Manager
Seeking more space to do our dreaming, we've moved one block south of our old digs to 2290 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211. The new office is lively and spacious, and has plenty of room for the serious cappuccino maker we've always wanted. Warning: between the 'cino and the comfy conference room, we've noticed client meetings seem to be twice as long and twice as inspirational. Visit us at your own creative risk.


It's Awards Season  |  Shay Ruggles | Account Manager
We're thrilled to announce our winnings from the Business Marketing Association Gold Key Awards for 2012. It's rare that we bask in our glory so don't get used to it! This year we are excited to take home three Gold Key awards and one Silver Key. Starting from the bottom up, we took home a Silver Key for the Whiteboard Video Series we created for Level 3 Communications. We have been creating these videos for 2 years now, and they actually took home an AMA Peak Award last year as well! read more
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Carbon8's Rachel, our Interactive Producer, is graduating this week from Metropolitan State College in Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.
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Welcome to our new interns, Liz and Missy.
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