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  Jimmy Chan   SEO Basics Guide: 5 Tips for Beginners
Jimmy Chan


SEO stands for "search engine optimization", it is the practice of gaining organic search traffic through keyword queries. If utilized correctly, it can help increase traffic, conversions, and visibility to your website. In this blog, we will be discussing the fundamental basics of SEO. We hope it will give you a good foundational understanding of the necessary steps to get started.
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  Shay Ruggles   What Makes a Great Web Design Layout?
Shay Ruggles


At Carbon8, we take a user-centered approach to information architecture and web design layout. Before you even think about what your home page should look like, you should take a step back and think about a few things first:
  • What is the single most important thing our web users should know about our company after visiting our website?
  • What are the top three pieces of information our visitors are looking for when they come to our website?
  • What are my top three goals for my website visitors?
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  Erin Behrenhausen   The New Age of Adaptive Branding
Erin Behrenhausen


Since the post-war industry boom of the late 40s, the brand has been regarded as the holiest of holies – the sacred virgin that is not to be tampered with, exploited or cheapened. Standardization, by way of brand guides and borderline aggressive intimidation from brand managers, has kept the masses devout and on their knees praying. Up until now.
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To Video or not to Video?  |  Shay Ruggles
It's hard to know what you need on your website these days. The trends are up and down, left and right. Flash today, no Flash tomorrow. read more


Windows Power Users and the Ubuntu Superphone  |  Jeff Robertson
Recently, I received a question via our website on one of my recent blog posts. One of the creators of Classic Shell, a Windows program that adds Start Menu functionality among other things, asked:

"What do you think is the future of Windows power users once Windows 7 industry support runs out like is currently happening to the even more powerful XP Professional?"
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Carbon8 Website!
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Jeff, Carbon8's confirmed bachelor has met his match. He tied the knot with the lovely Abby on August 3.
Our fearless leader is off the market as well. Mark and his feisty fiancee, Jen, made it official on August 11.
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Please welcome Jimmy Chan, our new SEO Strategist, and Chris Decatur, our most recent addition to the design team.
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