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  Neil Robertson   The Search Marketing Challenges and Opportunities of B2B
Neil Robertson


B2B marketing has unique challenges and opportunities compared to B2C marketing. And that may be the most unremarkable sentence written in 2013 ... so far. However, when it comes to search and social marketing in the B2B space, we often find that these same unique challenges and opportunities are thrown out the door as campaigns are set up and managed the same for a digital resource management platform as they are for the latest diet pill being peddled.
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  Jeff Robertson   How to Build a Pinball Machine
Jeff Robertson


Around Thanksgiving 2012, I was visiting my parents, and my dad and I were looking for a game to download on the Wii game archive that we would both enjoy. Dad does not like games that involve coordinated movements, dodging enemies or jumping.
I do not enjoy games that are terrible. This limited our options. read more
  Shay Ruggles   B2B Mobile Traffic: Hype vs. Reality
Shay Ruggles


I recently read Mobile Usability by UX gurus Jakob Nielsen and Raluca Budiu and came across a statement that piqued my interest to do a little digging into our own clients. The statement is as follows:
"Because many mainstream websites won't see a lot of mobile users, they should just adapt their basic design to avoid the worst pitfalls for those few mobile users they'll get." read more
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Using Effective Storytelling to Sell Your Brand  |  Katherine Roberts
Think about your favorite television show. What makes you want to watch? The characters? The storylines? A surprising twist ending each week? While that answer may be different for everyone, the desire to connect and truly be engaged is universal. read more


Will You Fizz or Fizzle Out?  |  Mark Mitton
In 2010, we were approached by a startup in Boulder, Colorado that had invented the world's first miniature nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer. Their product was revolutionary. Existing NMR Spectrometers were often as big as a refrigerator. Theirs was the size of a shoe box. read more
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Parkinson Association of the Rockies


Carbon8's own Mark Mitton has been elected president of the board of Parkinson Association of the Rockies. The whole agency is excited to support Mark in expanding our partnership with this great organization.
New Faces!


Please welcome Neil Robertson, our new SEM/SEO/Social Manager, and Katherine Roberts, who has joined Carbon8's account management team.
New Places!


Lisa's favorite mozzarella sandwich is at Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery. Try it!
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