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  Master of Our Domain   Master of Our Domain
Mark Mitton


Would you pay $6,500 to remove a dash from your domain name? We just did. When Carbon8 was founded five years ago, the domain name was taken by a firm in Thailand. So, we did the next best thing and purchased read more
  What's My Differentiator?   What's My Differentiator?
Lisa Hillmer-Poole


Here at Carbon8, we help businesses brand and position themselves every day. Step one in the process is always to identify company differentiators. This used to be a fairly straightforward task. Write a list of competitors and establish how your company differs from theirs. read more
  The Web Experience Nobody Cares About   The Web Experience Nobody Cares About
Jon Syu


Developers are stereotypically and notoriously poor about thinking about the user's experience on a website. If there were two extremes – form vs. function, then developers would appear to be firmly in the "function" camp. This dichotomy is usually mitigated in an agency though, since the designers and developers are usually in two separate departments. This means that form and function can live harmoniously together, since they are ultimately intertwined in the end. read more
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Tips for Designing Your Summer Experience at the Office  |  Shay Ruggles
User experience isn't just about the web. UX designers work with a variety of platforms like software, mobile apps, physical products and in-store experiences – to name a few. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it becomes increasingly hard to focus on work when it's so nice outside – so here are a few tips to designing your own summer experience – right in your office. read more


Allow Your Data to Tell the Story with Google Tag Manager Event Tracking  |  Jimmy Chan
Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free Google tool that allows marketers to finally gain control of their marketing campaigns. GTM allows you to quickly and easily update tracking codes for site analytics, remarketing, and much more. read more


Summer Pranks  |  Devin Ostertag
Summer is typically the best season of the year. Other people might have a different opinion, but those people are incorrect. read more


Delicious Summer Meal Ideas  |  Kelly Zilar
Summer is my favorite time of the year. Not only do I get to break out the sundresses but the produce on the shelves is colorful and delicious. A couple of my summer staples are: read more
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One World Labs
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Please welcome Carbon8's new interns, Cody Murri, Alex Matlin and Caroline Kennedy! And say hello to our newest Account Manager, Kelly Zilar.
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Kelly recommends the strawberry margaritas at Billy's Inn. Meet us for happy hour any time!
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