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  The Rise and Fall of Valentine Design   The Rise and Fall of Valentine Design
Erin Behrenhausen


Valentine's Day is a very interesting holiday, mainly due to the fact that people either love it, or hate it. The biggest complaint about this holiday seems to be the commercialism that has risen up behind it. It's been called a "Hallmark Holiday," an "FTD Fete" and a "See's Celebration." read more
  Importance of Keywords: Investing in Keywords is like Investing in Real Estate   Importance of Keywords: Investing in Keywords is like Investing in Real Estate
Jimmy Chan


Why should my company be investing in SEO? When explaining the value of SEO to a prospective client, I tend to relate SEO a lot to real estate investing. You may not think there is a correlation between SEO and real estate investing, but their characteristics are eerily similar. read more
  What the Kids Are Saying   What the Kids Are Saying
Lisa Hillmer-Poole


Now that everyone has made their predictions for online trends in 2014, we decided to look just a little further out. We asked two budding developers some questions about how they use the Internet. Paris, a high school senior, and Talon, a college sophomore, share their social media, programming and device preferences. read more
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How Your Office Can Fall In Love with Fun  |  Chris Decatur
A job is a relationship. Hopefully a long-term relationship too. And like any long-term relationship you may need to spice things up from time to time. read more


What is the Difference Between UI and UX?  |  Shay Ruggles
What is the difference between UI and UX? They both have a "U" and are about users, they must be interchangeable right? Not so much. read more


Website Development Process - Who Works on Your Site?  |  Jon Syu
As a web developer, I often find myself struggling to describe my job to other people at parties. This is deeply problematic, and probably explains why I spend weekends eating cold pasta in the dark. As it is, the world of web development is very difficult to navigate - it is full of technical jargon and confusing nomenclature that really doesn't explain anything well. read more
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Please welcome Danny Houghton, our new Account Manager, and Devin Ostertag, our new Traffic Manager.
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Carbon8ers have been cheating on their New Year's resolutions at Park Burger. There are less calories in the truffle fries if you share them.
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