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  Does the mobile web apply to B2B?   Does the mobile web apply to B2B?
Jeff Robertson


All eyes have been on the mobile experience the past few years. Statistics routinely come out claiming mobile devices account for 50% or more of site traffic - Sports Illustrated recently redesigned their site expecting over 50% mobile traffic; CNN was over 40% mobile earlier this year and growing; retailers Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart were all hovering around 40% in late 2013.
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  What's My Differentiator?   Mobile Site Design is Becoming More Important to Google
Josh Culver


A message from Captain Obvious: Google is always updating its algorithm to adjust for new ranking factors. Shocking right? A company trying to improve its product. Recently there was a blog posted on Search Engine Land that shed some light about what mobile ranking factors Google may be focusing on over the next few months. read more
  The Web Experience Nobody Cares About   Website Content or Page Layout, Which Comes First?
Shay Ruggles


The hardest part of creating a website is, without a doubt, content creation. And this piece comes up much earlier in the website process than most people are expecting. I don't want to discount the work the Carbon8 team does, our account managers are saints, our designers are top notch and our developers make dreams come true - we are a well-oiled machine, ready to build what you need. But what makes every website unique, even if you buy a pre-built theme, is your content. read more
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Adopt-A-Family Gift Collection  |  Katherine Roberts
This year, Carbon8 participated in its first ever Adopt-A-Family gift collection for the holidays-and we exceeded our expectations! We worked with the Tennyson Center for Children, which is right up the road from C8 HQ. The Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian Home has grown to become one of the Rocky Mountain region's leading treatment centers and K-12 schools for emotionally and crisis-affected children and youth, particularly those suffering from abuse and neglect. read more


Having Trouble With Your Yoast Page Titles for Wordpress? You're Not Alone.  |  Josh Culver
When considering a CMS during the process of launching a new website WordPress is often a popular choice because of its ease of use. From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, it keeps content well organized, is easy to add blog postings, as well as new pages and plug-ins can help with any technical items that may be too difficult to implement otherwise. read more



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Please welcome Carbon8's latest team additions: Alison Westcott, Account Manager, and Brittany Clifford, Traffic Manager.
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