Reinventing Mobile Marketing: Carbon8 Launches its New Mobile Marketing Truck in Denver


You've heard us say that we put the fizz in the biz, well now we do it in a whizz. At Carbon8, we are excited to share news of our NEW mobile marketing truck. Beginning today, you will find our innovative mobile agency driving around the streets of downtown Denver.

Carbon8 Mobile Marketing Truck -2

Carbon8’s mobile marketing truck on the corner of 17th and Larimer.

“We have redefined the term Mobile Marketing Agency” Mark Mitton, CEO of Carbon8

We have seen the growth and popularity of Food Trucks, and we felt that this was a business model that can be easily adopted into the marketing industry. Our truck is equipped with a Wi-Fi, a high-end printer for printing on-the fly marketing materials, a designer, copywriter, marketing strategist, and of course a bar for facilitating brainstorm sessions. There is nothing better than delivering marketing solutions directly to a client. Just walk up to the window, and in the time it takes to order a taco from a food truck, we’ll have your marketing up and running.

Mobile Truck Services Include:

  • The Dorm Brainstorm. (We’ll throw out some ideas that will sound great as long as you also partake in Tequila shots with us).
  • The Five Minute Winnit Website. (Premade templates we have lying around the truck we’ll slap your logo on. Hey, it works for WordPress, right?).
  • SEO and a Taco. We’ll optimize a taco with tasty spices at the same time we optimize your website. It’ll raise your taste buds and your rankings. (Truth be told, we can’t get this damn taco bar out of the truck and had to do something with it.)

If you are interested in hopping on Carbon8’s Mobile Marketing Truck, you can find us on the highlighted areas and times below:

Mobile Marketing Truck Route

Celebrating April 1st, 2014 in Style


Jimmy Chan
written by JIMMY CHAN
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