Let it Go!


We recommend research, audience feedback and continuous improvement to all of our clients; here’s what happened when we took our own medicine


Seven years ago when I founded Carbon8, I created this cute bottle cap logo and proclaimed “Put the Fizz in the Biz.” As you may have noticed, the bottle cap is gone.

It wasn’t an easy decision– after all, the Carbon8 bottle cap and our bottle-shaped business card “flavors” have always generated a lot of buzz from our friends and clients. But we took a step back and asked ourselves “What would C8 do?

  • Would we create and defend this logo to a new client? Probably not.
  • Is the look of the logo modern and contemporary? Not really.
  • Does the current logo, tagline, and collateral material provide a cohesive look and feel? Nope.
  • Do our graphics and messaging tell the full Carbon8 story? Absolutely not.

When we couldn’t honestly answer a resounding “YES!” to all of those questions, we began our own rebranding journey. We needed to find a way to give our name a deeper meaning, make it stand for something more and better represent our vision and process.

Our journey took us to this notion that there’s this great moment in life where you open a bottle with friends, the carbonation jumps out, and you’ve started something together. And so we’ve introduced a family of bottle openers as key visuals. An evolution from the passive bottle cap, which is acted upon, the bottle opener is the agent of change, and a more accurate metaphor for the spirit of Carbon8. The bottle openers are featured prominently on new custom die-cut business cards and on the new website.

Carbon8 has created a new logo, creating a rounded, handmade font that moved and flowed, and incorporating a more modern, flat palette of red hues: cherry, rose and burgundy.

Our new website, which launched March 17, showcases the new brand. Going far beyond just aesthetics, the new carbon8.com is rich in case studies. We applied all our own best practices for easy navigability and optimized content, and added a lot of bells and whistles throughout.

So, we let it go. We started something new. We’d love to hear what you think about our new brand and our new site: what works, what would make it even better. Give us a call or send us note… Let’s start something.

Mark Mitton
written by MARK MITTON

Mark Mitton is the president of Carbon8, bringing his passion for creative, strategic branding and deep experience in digital marketing to Carbon8 clients (and employees!). Mark founded Carbon8 with the knowledge that, in today’s digital age, beautiful creative and smart strategy must be supported by a strong programming team.

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