Branding for the New Ski Resort, Stagecoach Mountain


Recently Carbon8 was presented with the opportunity to brand Stagecoach Mountain, Colorado’s first major ski resort development in more than 35 years.


Stagecoach is located 15 miles south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado along the Yampa River.  Resort development is slated to begin later this year, with the first lift installation scheduled for summer of 2017.  The overall vision for Stagecoach Mountain is a contemporary, authentic and purposeful four season resort that is vibrant and full of life, and stays true to the beauty of its natural surroundings.  As part of our “research” we were lucky enough to ski this pristine mountain with a few of the principals of the new Stagecoach ski resort.

When setting out to create the brand identity, it was important to stay true to the founder’s vision for the mountain.  The brand should also reflect the area’s rich history and align well with close neighbors to the north, Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Resort, both of which embrace the valley’s genuine western heritage.

So, we explored several contemporary aesthetics with a subtle nod to the area’s past, and possibly some alignment with the mountain’s main season, winter.  We were inspired by detailed objects from the same time period as the stagecoach itself…decorative leather and stitching, spurs, wagon wheels, branding irons, etc.  Because this was a new brand within a very well established category we believed that an association to the past would help create a touch of heritage for the brand, giving it a foundation and a more established look and feel. 

The above marks represent some of our initial explorations.  Ultimately, we landed on a solution that was contemporary and established in appearance while linking to both past and present with a subtle nod to the mountain itself. It is also distinct from other ski resort competitors in the Colorado market. 

The final deliverable included an entire family of assets to help bring the new ski resort to life. Enjoy!


Chip Hisle
written by CHIP HISLE

Chip Hisle is Carbon8’s Creative Director. He comes to us with over 20 years’ experience and a finely tuned creative eye, working with Sterling-Rice Group, Qdoba, Children’s Hospital, and many others. Chip leads his creative team to deliver insightful and relevant designs, and seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding his clients’ objectives.

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