8 Google Chrome Plug-Ins You Should Probably Use


It's no secret that since its inception in 2008, Google Chrome has grown and developed into a strong browser with a clean look that has enticed a broad and devoted following. In fact, Google Chrome holds the title of the world's most used browser at this time.
With that kind of attention, it's no wonder that Chrome has a plethora of useful add-ons available for download. Some are wildly useful and others are just plain cool. Listed below are my current favorites and ones that I think everyone should install.

  1. Send From Gmail
    Start your engines folks, because sending an email from your Gmail account has never been quicker and less painful than with "Send From Gmail". Normally when you click a link from within your browser that uses the "Mail To" code, your mail application such as Outlook or Mac Mail will launch. With this new plug-in, you can set Gmail to be your primary mail client from those types of links.
  2. RescueTime Chrome Productivity Meter (link no longer available)
    RescueTime is your own personal browser analytics device. Have you ever wondered which sites you spend the most time on? Now you can look at reports that show you. The plug-in runs in the background and stops recording after two minutes of being idle. The plug-in also has social sharing options for those who like to boast about their productivity levels (or not)! You can also compare yourself to others to see how you rank in productivity levels.
  3. Whatfont
    Whatfont is my favorite Chrome plug-in. It allows you to highlight a section of type and will identify the font being used. It's a designer, developer and type enthusiast's best friend. It can also tell you the line size, font color and font size too!
  4. Attachments.me (link no longer available)
    This plug-in is incredibly useful if you're a Dropbox user. It allows you to attach documents from your Dropbox right inside of your Gmail email. Past are the days where you had to download a file from your Dropbox, save it to your hard drive and then attach it. Now you can do it right over the cloud.
  5. Chrome Toolbox
    This extension pulls several features into one menu, including image controls like magnification and setting a wallpaper, the ability to drag a video of any kind into its own new window, tab customization and saving form data.
  6. Google Dictionary
    With this simple add-on, you can double click on any text word and receive an instant definition or pronunciation. Supports several different languages.
  7. Goo.gl URL Shortener
    One of my other top choices, this URL shortener instantly makes the URL of the page you're on compact enough for tweets or blogging and can even generate an instant QR Code for the page.
  8. Awesome Screenshot (link no longer available)
    This tool not only allows you to take a screenshot of your full page, but also allows you to quickly annotate and send the shot as well.
Rachel Ridings
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