Digital Marketing Best Practices: An Agency Perspective


As an intern, I do a lot of research for the agency. I research companies, social media strategies, techniques for SEO, and best practices within the digital marketing field.

Understandably, I visit a lot of websites, read a lot of blogs, and see the industry from many different perspectives. This gives me insight into what different types of companies want and need, including agencies like Carbon8. So, I’ve picked out three digital marketing practices that I believe agencies should focus on in order to keep up with the ever-changing digital world.


Video: Videos are one of the most important aspects of digital marketing according to www.walkdigital.com, and as reported by Flimp in the 2014 Online Video Production Survey, “81% of companies are producing video content for their websites.” But why is video so important for business? People like watching videos and would rather watch a one-to-two minute video than read several paragraphs on a website, as stated in a blog by visual.ly. These "explainer videos" introduce viewers to a company and/or its products in an easily digestible format, like this video for Lyft:

On the other end of the video spectrum, viral videos will get brand names out there. Dove creates great viral video content that stays true to their message: real women, real beauty. Their videos portray real women representing real beauty, and inspire girls to be confident in their own skin.

Social Media: Social networks are no longer just for personal use; 84% of companies use social media, according to Hubspot. Consumers are more familiar with social media now than ever before, and social networks continue to grow each year (Pinterest growth has skyrocketed during 2014). By creating viral content and posting it on social media, companies can generate buzz, gain leads, and get more links (this works especially well with video content as mentioned above)! However, your social media plan needs to have a strategic approach- a lot of businesses tend to have a procedural approach to social media, but lack the strategic vision needed to create content that appeals to their target audience. A clear understanding of your company’s vision is needed in order to properly represent the company and attract the right people.


Forward Thinking: In order for companies to get out of the ”business as usual” mindset, they need to constantly be thinking about where the company is headed and where they want to be headed. Companies can do this in two ways: hiring for the future, and allocating time for strategic thinking. First, to hire for the future, the company needs to think about how they will change and how that will change the role of potential employee(s). If companies want a low turnover rate, they need to hire employees that have a similar vision for the future. Second, companies should dedicate time (starting with 30 minutes a week) to thinking strategically about the direction of the business. This time will allow companies to explore issues, adapt to changes, and discover opportunities for growth.

By following these three practices, companies can increase exposure, build their brand, and grow faster.

Caroline Kennedy
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