Marketing a New Website


Launching a new website is a very exciting time for many businesses. It is a time of either their first presence, or a chance to make a new statement to the World Wide Web.

Many times, we are all so excited to launch the fruits of our labors that we forget to research the best ways to market a new website. Marketing a new website is just as important as creating the new website itself, and should not be forgotten when planning the launch of your site.

To market your new website, you will want to reach out to your existing database of customers, reach out to potential customers who are in your sales queue, and reach out to brand new customers who are unfamiliar with your business. Below is a consolidated list of ways you can reach out to all of the audiences mentioned above in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  1. Create a targeted newsletter to send out to your existing customers
  2. Create an email marketing campaign for existing and potential customers
  3. Create a social media campaign to reach out to all customers, including those who are unfamiliar with your service
  4. Invest in SEO for your website so brand new customers can easily find you on the web

The above methods are all very effective ways to promote your site and are manageable to execute for a company of any size!

Kathryn McGlamery
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