MOZ Search Ranking Factors: 2011 vs. 2013


Moz shakes up the SEO world every two years when they release their biennial Search Engine Ranking Factors.

This report is based on the feedback of "leading search marketers" on the top factors that affect search engine rankings. Now, with the state of search engines always evolving, not only does the impact of these ranking factors change through fluctuation but so do the factors themselves as our understanding and strategy towards SEO evolves. We, at Carbon8, decided to make a comparison of the 2013 results with the 2011 results not as a direct comparison from the data provided by Moz but rather to indicate the fluctuations that represent some of the shifts in SEO over the last two years. Also, this infographic does not show all of the ranking factors in the reports as the definition of some of the factors from year to year are not always the same but the ones appearing represent some of the key indicators that have been persistent in search engine optimization over the years.

For more information on how Moz’s methodology, head here. If you would like to talk to us about SEO or have any feedback, contact us here or leave us a comment!

MOZ Search Ranking Factors: 2011 vs. 2013
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