I Know I Should Be Blogging


Fresh, relevant content is a major need in any digital marketing plan, and one of the fastest ways to create content is with blogs. So you keep hearing that you should be blogging, but do you really understand why?


All new content on your website is helpful for improving search rankings, but while supplemental copy on your evergreen pages is great, blogging can be an even more important aspect of your content marketing strategy for the following reasons.

Everything you write and post to your site is an opportunity to rank for desirable keywords and search terms. Blogging about your product or service demonstrates authentic subject matter expertise to search engines.

Blogs are far more relevant, linkable content. Blogs are more likely to be linked to from other sites, helping your domain authority and contributing to search rankings for better keywords.

Blog content is more suitable to posting on social platforms and social sharing. Social sharing should be a focus of your content marketing strategy. Snippets of information help lead your audience back to your website. Content shared socially is more searchable, as well.

Google consistently shows a preference for ranking new content higher. The more ‘new’ content there is posted to your site, the better it will rank.

Generating Content

Now for the tough part. Who is going to write all of these blogs? Nothing is sadder than a months-old “Recent Posts” list. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Try to commit to two blog posts a month. You may find that you will soon be able to do more.
  • Recruit volunteers across departments to blog about their areas of expertise.
  • Try to pick topics that can easily include industry keywords, not buzzwords.
  • Post about any events, appearances, product releases or hires.
  • Interview leadership about your industry and ghost blog for them (with their permission, of course.)

In addition to helping with SEO, robust blog content will help define and position your company, which can then be leveraged across your website and other marketing initiatives.

Content Calendar

Create your content calendar for a full quarter, and see how well you and your team can stick to it.

  1. Create a timeline of targeted dates for completing and posting blogs, as well as specific topics to be addressed in each post. 
  2. Include the author assigned to each, and any approval needed before posting. 
  3. Finally, make sure you also have a schedule for promoting each blog post across social media, and determining which platform(s) would be most appropriate for each topic. 

Let's Start Something!

Are you ready to blog, but don’t know where to start? Carbon8 can get you up and running within a matter of weeks with the following services.

  • Standalone blog design and development
  • New blog integration with existing websites
  • Content calendar and social media strategy
  • Keyword research, strategy and mapping
  • Discovery and content generation

Are you ready to blog, but don’t know where to start? Carbon8 can get you up and running within a matter of weeks with the following services.

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Lisa Hillmer-Poole

Lisa Hillmer-Poole is the VP of Accounts at Carbon8 with more than 18 years of combined agency and in-house marketing experience. Lisa partners with Senior Agency Management, Account Managers and clients to strategize, develop and execute long-range communications and digital marketing plans. Serving as liaison between her team and Development, Design, Search, and Senior Agency Management, Lisa plays a key role in developing the next generation of account management talent at Carbon8.

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