Find Out Why Carbon8 Blogs and You Should Too


The business of blogging has evolved over the past decade and so have the reasons for doing it. Blogging is a crucial part of the media mix and whether your company is large or small, you can (and should!) reap the benefits of this essential marketing tool.

Back in 2007, only 16% of U.S. companies were using blogs for marketing purposes. In 2010, this number more than doubled to 34% and eMarketer predicts a rise to 43% by 2012. (eMarketer, Corporate Blogging: Media and Marketing Firms Drive Growth, 2010)

What's in it for you? In addition to generating leads, improving customer communications and service, or enhanced brand marketing, there are plenty more reasons. If your company isn't blogging yet, Carbon8 heartily recommends you become a statistic (in this case, it's a good thing!) and hop on board with the growing 9% of U.S. companies that are predicted to start blogging in the next two years. We've got a few really good reasons to get your blogging act together!

  1. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry
    Talk about your industry. Voice an opinion on the environment that is shaping your company, products and services. Make a prediction on where it's all going. Most importantly, share your knowledge and make sure it's interesting!
  2. Improve SEO
    Keep your blog updated regularly with useful information for your readers that is stocked with strategically placed keywords. This helps search engines positively rank your blog and makes it easier for your readers to find you.
  3. Update content on your website
    Give your readers a reason to come back to your website with fresh content and updated information about your industry and company.
  4. Address frequently asked questions
    Keep hearing the same question from customers? Tackle it via your blog and allow them to comment back. Their feedback and input is invaluable and while you're creating an approachable, 2-way community, you might just learn a thing or two about your customers' perceptions.
  5. Drive traffic to your website
    If you have something important to say, and you're saying it well, your readers will want to know more. Give them a reason to visit your website, and approach you for your expertise, products and services.

Convinced that you need a blog yet? If you're ready to add a blog to your company website, or want to find out if you should take on a blog, we can help. Heck, even if your company already blogs, but you feel content is lagging, posts are few and far between, or it just isn't living up to its SEO potential, we can help.

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Happy blogging!

Kristi Petrie
written by KRISTI PETRIE
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