Marketing and Pets: Two of our favorite things!


There's only one thing we love more than marketing here at Carbon8 - and that's pets! We were recently spoiled with a fun project for client Pets Trust Us, where we were encouraged to turn to our furry friends for inspiration in redesigning their logo and website. We're thrilled with the results...

Check out the website here!

For fun, here's the before and after:



Anyhow, in an effort to blog about pets AND marketing, we recently heard about an issue that both saddened us and made us happy. After a 24-year run with Pedigree as the title sponsor, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show cancelled the sponsorship and signed with Nestle Purina PetCare. Why? It sounds like Pedigree's ads promoting pet adoption with sad music and equally as sad pooches were just too depressing for viewers. (Read the whole story here).

We've all seen those commercials, although not always the whole way through because they are just too hard to watch. We agreed, most of us dog lovers change the channel when they come on, which is precisely the problem that the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show ran into.

(Don't believe us about how sad they are? Get your tissues and watch one here.)

The reality of this sad situation is that Pedigree has lost a big audience for their noble cause. The not-so-sad part of this situation is perhaps they didn't lose the audience entirely. Instead, many audience members have shown incredible support on Pedigree's social media channels - a beautiful testimony to the power and existence of social media marketing!

We love social media and have had the pleasure of arming various clients with the knowledge and guidance needed to kick off social media marketing within their organizations. While their products, services and causes may not bring tears to your eyes, or tug on your heart strings, or affect you for days on end, social media can be equally as powerful in increasing traffic to their websites, upping the SEO benefits for their websites, and establishing them as thought leaders within their industries. If you've got social media needs, contact us!

And just for fun, here's some photos of us with our pets. Enjoy.


Erin and Baxter


Bear and Shay


Hank and Kristi


Sophy and Lisa

Kristi Petrie
written by KRISTI PETRIE
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