Mozilla Marketplace


The Mozilla Marketplace is coming.

I am a big fan of Mozilla, but lately they have been slipping. Google has done a great job of taking a lot of market share from Mozilla's most well-known app, Firefox. I think this is Mozilla's chance to become a game changer once again.

If you sell a mobile app today, your options are pretty limited. Apple, in normal Appley fashion, makes it near impossible to distribute your app without them reviewing it and approving it for distribution in the App Store (and did I mention paying them 30% of your sales?) This makes for a high quality, well regulated cache of apps for their devices, and it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Google is a little more lenient with the Android Market. The submission requirements are much less strict, and if you want to keep all the profits to yourself you don't have to go through the Market at all, though of course you won't see nearly as many users.

We'll see what Mozilla comes up with. It will be cross-platform, and it looks like they will take the same financial cut as Apple and Google (why I'm not exactly sure). It's possible this will be the system that topples the current stranglehold on the mobile app market, reminiscent of how Mozilla took down IE in the browser wars years ago.

Jeff Robertson

Jeff Robertson is a digital marketer and an online development expert with experience stretching back to dial-up. He is partner and Chief Technology Officer at Carbon8, where he helps bridge the gap between the technical and marketing worlds, as well as oversees technical infrastructure.

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