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Welcome to Carbon8's third round table and the first in 2014. This is a forum where we highlight some of the latest business news and discussions around web development, design and marketing. Our guests today all come from in-house.

  • Erin Behrenhausen - Lead Designer at Carbon8
  • Chris Decatur - Senior Designer at Carbon8

Today's topic for discussion with our guests is our web design process. More specifically, design strategy and implementation. Sometimes, here at Carbon8, when our designers pitch their creative direction, a client likes two and wants elements of both which creates a unique challenge for the designers to mold both designs into one. Recently, we created and launched a site for a company called Bleum which had us facing such a challenge. We are going to discuss the process and the outcomes that went into this challenging but creative site with the two designers behind it.

First, how did we get here? What was the process that lead from these two designs competing against each other to being incorporated together?

Let's take a look at each of your original designs. Walk us through your original direction.

Did mobile influence your design?

From your original designs, what elements stand out in the final version?

What are some of the challenges of a site featuring two designers with their own individual styles having to come together and mold a final site featuring both?

What are some of the positives of having two designers?

Well thank you for giving us some insights into this incredible site. It's no secret that this is one of our favorites at Carbon8. And last thoughts?

Well that wraps up our show highlights. If you have any questions or comments about the topics discussed today, please comment below.

Jimmy Chan
written by JIMMY CHAN
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