The Digital Talent Gap Series: Exploring Digital Media Education


The article discusses the vast gap marketing execs and agencies are finding between the talent pool and the talent needed. Our third response will be from Katherine Roberts, Account Manager at Carbon8. Katherine has worked with Carbon8 for almost a year.

At Carbon8, we're always circulating our fun finds from the web and sometimes they spark a real conversation (read: heated discussion). That is exactly what happened when we found the infographic posted on AdWeek, There Is a Digital Talent Gap by Lucia Moses.

When I started my career in television, I had a definite path I was following, as well as extensive training at my School of Journalism. However, I still had to start at the bottom and work my way up. I moved from city to city, working at larger and larger TV stations, working night shifts and holidays, being the low (wo)man on the totem pole. But eventually I worked my way up to the network, and when I felt that I had conquered that industry, I moved on to something completely different, applying all the skills I had learned and landing a job at Carbon8.

The point is, I got whatever job I could, wherever I could and tried to learn as much as possible. I don't know that the current work environment is like that anymore. The days of the apprenticeship are over. Applicants are very specific about where they want to work and the types of roles they want to play within a company. Meanwhile, prospective employers are just trying to fill holes. I believe the two could meet in the middle, but I think it has to start even before college graduates nab their diplomas.

More universities need to offer digital disciplines within their programs for Marketing/Advertising majors. This way, students understand what kind of jobs they're going to be applying for, and employers have a guarantee of some form of training already under applicants' belts when resumes come in the door. The next step would be some sort of testing methodology for hiring managers to understand what their applicants already know.

But how do we get there? Hey, I think I need to hire somebody to help me find out. Know anyone good?

Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts is a Director of Video Production at Carbon8. An Emmy-nominated born storyteller, she loves translating Clients’ needs into effective marketing narratives.

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