The Digital Talent Gap Series: Learning and Developing Digital Skills


The series discusses the vast gap marketing execs and agencies are finding between the talent pool and the talent needed. Our second response will be from Kristi Petrie, Senior Account Manager at Carbon8. Kristi has worked with Carbon8 for 3.5 years.

At Carbon8, we're always circulating our fun finds from the web and sometimes they spark a real conversation (read: heated discussion). That is exactly what happened when we found the infographic posted on AdWeek, There Is a Digital Talent Gap by Lucia Moses.

What strikes me most about the Digital Talent Gap infographic is the almost-non-existent mention of training. Assessment and entitlement issues aside, I believe in people, and I believe that if companies are serious about having good, competent employees, they'll invest in a solid, consistent training program that gives employees direction and the opportunity to learn how to be the best at their jobs.

I believe that people want to learn, and want to be great, and that companies have an obligation to help them do just that. The better the employees, the better the company. Plus, when it comes to digital skills and online marketing, change is so frequent and rampant, how can ANYONE keep up and stay informed without the opportunity to walk away from their day-to-day duties and inform themselves about industry changes and the big digital picture?

So, while I completely understand the digital talent gap described here, I'd like to see companies do more to address it and take some responsibility for creating an environment where their employees can learn to be great and do great things for the company... not just complain about how they have to pick from inexperienced ex-employees or ex-students of other companies and schools that also didn't provide great training or learning opportunities.

A great quote I came across (but have no idea where it came from) that sums this up perfectly:

CFO to CEO: "What if we invest in our people and they leave?"
CEO: "What if we don't and they stay?"

Kristi Petrie
written by KRISTI PETRIE
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