So You Want to Make a Video...


If you’ve been to just about ANY website lately, you know that video has moved from a luxury to a necessity to keep your brand top of mind.

From checking Facebook and seeing quick and easy recipes or late night clips, to shopping on Zappos and seeing the shoes you’re eyeballing walking down a runway, the engagement capabilities of videos can’t be matched.

If your own anecdotal evidence isn’t enough, there are mind-blowing stats that bear out what you’re seeing. Six BILLION (yes, with a B) hours of video are watched on YouTube each month, and 60% of Americans watch 395+ videos per month. Our brains are proven to process video 60,000 times faster than text, which is almost certainly why videos increase brand association by 139%! We know all of this because video consumption is much easier to measure than text consumption - clicking and viewing is an auto metric that makes most brands drool.

So video is a no-brainer, right? We like to think yes - but you need to also understand what works when it comes to video content. We’ve got some pointers, and even MORE stats, to help you create awesome videos that grab and keep your attention!

  • Keep it Short: After about 90 seconds, you lose about 80% of your initial viewer, depending on subject
  • Use a Human Touch: People use products, and want to see other people using a product while in research mode. The more technical your product or service, using human beings vs only animation leads to a 300% increase in engagement
  • Demystify and Explain: You may be proud of every bell and whistle your offering has, but if you intimidate your prospect without helping them understand it, you’ve lost a viewer (and a sale!)
  • Make it Interesting: Across all categories, videos are abandoned at :03, :09, and :59 - if you haven’t given them a reason to stay, they won’t
  • More Can Be Better - But Not All at Once: Your product or service is the best, and you want everyone to know it. But all of the items above are brought home here - if you make a seven minute explainer video, you are not respecting the viewer. Consider a series of four or five videos that tell your story in palatable segments that explain your product in an engaging, digestible way. Remember, too, that “Learn More” is less intrusive than “Buy Now” for customers near the beginning of the funnel.

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Rebecca Ferrell

Rebecca Ferrell is the Director of Marketing Strategy for Carbon8, bringing over 18 years of account, project and client service management to the team.

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