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Last February, we had the opportunity to work with Make48, an invention competition reality show on PBS. We worked with one of the show’s contestants, an educational cutting board called Chop Guide. We had a great time working with Make48 and Chop Guide creating a promotional video for their culinary invention. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

You see! What did I tell you? Now that you are drooling thinking about lunch, let me tell you a little bit about how we created this video for Chop Guide.

When we were approached by Make48 to create a video for Chop Guide, we started our discovery phase where we learned as much as we could about the Chop Guide; what their message is, who their target audience is, etc. After this phase, we knew we wanted to create a promotional video that captured the unique educational features of the Chop Guide. Next, to start generating ideas, we held a companywide brainstorm meeting where everyone can contribute ideas and provide feedback. I love these brainstorming sessions because everyone provides unique ideas and perspectives that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

It was during this time that Katherine and I got help from Carbon8’s own Creative Director Chip Hisle. Chip has experience creating campaigns for food companies like Werthers, Giordano’s Pizza, and Schwan’s Home Delivery, so he was able to help us craft the story and find inspiration for the visuals. We wanted to create a stylish, exciting video that not only highlighted the physical product, but also the practical application of the Chop Guide and its features for the everyday person, not just chefs or foodies. Now that we had our concept, it was time to get to work!

Once we created the script and decided on the look for the project, Katherine and I gathered our crew and shot the spot here in Denver. After we shot the video, I edited it all the footage together, and voila! A completed video specially tailored to Chop Guide!

With the help of our incredibly talented crew, we were able to make a video that showcased the product, told a story, and most importantly, made the client happy! But the success of this video is not just from its execution. It comes from the collaboration we share as a company. With all of the talented people that work here, it’s easy to create great work!

Let’s talk about your next video production project and let’s start something together.

Rob Shearer
written by ROB SHEARER

Rob Shearer is a Videographer and Editor at Carbon8. With a passion for telling stories, he is constantly finding ways to translate a client’s product or brand into an engaging and compelling story. Rob conceptualizes, shoots, and edits projects from start to final delivery. A regular Renaissance man in the world of modern video production.

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