The 20-ish by 6 operation


Monday kicks off the biggest holiday of the year for our Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American Carbon8ers. The celebration of Tết Nguyên Ðán (or just "Tet") is the Vietnamese new year and the start of spring on the Lunar calendar. While it almost always corresponds with the Chinese new year in terms of timing, Vietnam has its own schedule and traditions. Read more about Tet here. For our team, it means a week of cooking, visiting family and generally celebrating.

With many of our designers and developers on holiday, I started to think about how much work we crank out on a regular basis. For much of the year, 6 pm Mountain Time is 8 am Vietnam Time. We occasionally get requests at 4 pm, meet with the development team at 6 pm and hand work back to the client at 8 o'clock the next morning. Really the only times we don't work are 4 am to 8 am and Saturdays. (And that's a lie, we often work on Saturday... just don't tell anyone.) So this week it's been a little shocking to say it'll take two weeks to do something when I usually get to say "we'll be finished in a day or two".

Don't get me wrong - we really like having enough time on a project to go through several revisions with our clients, do a couple of weeks of QA and user acceptance testing, etc. But for those projects where time is of the essence, I'm thinking of coining a new slogan: "Carbon8: Overnight web development service 51 weeks a year."

Cung chúc tân xuân --- Happy new year!

Jeff Robertson

Jeff Robertson is a digital marketer and an online development expert with experience stretching back to dial-up. He is partner and Chief Technology Officer at Carbon8, where he helps bridge the gap between the technical and marketing worlds, as well as oversees technical infrastructure.

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