Carbon8's 2014 New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Years! With 2013 out and 2014 in, it has inspired the Carbon8 team to do more this year. As a result, we have compiled a list of New Year's resolutions that each of us want to do more of in 2014. We hope that after reading our New Year's resolutions list, it may inspire you to think about doing more in your 2014.


New places - Add at least one new state and one new country to the list.

Sweat - At least 5 days a week. Doesn’t even have to be working out - sitting in a steam room qualifies or riding my bike to work, or playing with the dogs, (or swing dancing per above) but the only rule is to sweat.

Be patient - Be kind. Be a better listener. These all kind of go hand-in-hand and apply to my personal and professional life. I would like to try some Buddhism classes around town, including this one. Looks like there’s some helpful stress management, positive thinking, thought-awareness tips here that I want to explore too.

Swing dance - My husband is going to hate that I’m sharing this, but take another dance class or two! We took an east coast swing class a while ago, and it was so fun (for me, not so much for Joe) and I want to either do more of that or try Jitterbug classes. If I start talking Joe into it now, he might agree by Jun...

Take more pictures - Learn how to actually use my fancy cam and document 2014 nicely. It’s been so fun to hand over photos of the people I love at big moments in their lives, but now, I want to take better photos of those folks.

Writing classes - I LOVE the classes the Lighthouse Writers Workshop puts on so I’d like to do some more of them this year. You don’t have to have any writing background at all, just like writing. The teachers are so interesting, and the people who participate are incredibly interesting, and you get to sit and listen to good writers share beautiful stories.


Practice patience - I want to practice the patience my grandfather had. At his memorial service last week, my grandmother recounted a story where, early in their marriage, several things broke in the house at once and it was just one of those days where she lost her cool. As my grandfather calmly went about fixing things, she asked, exasperated, "Does nothing ever bother you? Don't you ever get angry?!" He replied, "I've never once solved a problem by getting down on its level."


Be more open-minded - To people and experiences, even if they make me uncomfortable.

Make healthier choices - Emotionally and physically.

Do more art - Drawing & painting.

Do actual charitable work - Rather than making donations, get my hands dirty.

Go camping/fishing more often - I love camping and fishing, and we haven’t gone as much as I’d like. This summer, it’s on.


Stop thinking and start doing - I have a bad habit of thinking things would be fun to do and then stopping there. Thanks to Kristi’s encouragement, last year I took a sewing class (which lead to me purchasing my own machine) and an online calligraphy class that I loved. I would like to continue to motivate myself to do more in 2014.

Move more - I know everyone has exercise resolutions, but mine is just to move more! Even if that means I just vacuum more frequently, I just want to motivate to take the active option over the inactive option.

Be more optimistic - I will do my best to bite my tongue and think positive thoughts this year!


Be more active - Find a new, knee-friendly exercise regimen, and then follow it.

Travel more - Visit cousins in San Diego and Austin.

Entertain more - Play a live gig.

Be organized - Organize my laundry room, closet and under my bed.

Family - Create cloud-based, indexed photography repository for my extended family.


Eat better - Cut cheese out by 50%.

Write more - Finish my children's book.

Entertain more - Perform my show somewhere in town.

Love more - Get divorced / Get engaged.


Be efficient - Find better solutions, processes and systems to better improve efficiency.

Learn more - Continue to learn and expand my knowledge base.

Eat healthier - Learn more about food nutrition and start eating healthier.

Live balanced - We all juggle with life, but I would like to focus more on finding a balance.

Share your New Year's resolutions in the comments below!

Jimmy Chan
written by JIMMY CHAN
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