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Over the past several months, we’ve been working on a large scale video project, highlighting the people and processes of a big company headquartered here in the Denver area.

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The best part? They have offices literally all over the world, so the Carbon8 video crew has been traveling since last summer, coordinating video shoots throughout the United States, Europe and even Mexico!

We’ve gathered footage from Chestnut Hill, TN all the way to Belgrade, Serbia and just about everywhere in between.

Some fun stats:
We’ve visited six countries
We’ve visited nine states
We’ve visited 19 cities

We’ve interviewed over 100 people

We’ll produce over 20 videos

We’ve eaten fondue in Switzerland and beef tongue in Mexico
We’ve been up close to a real-life satellite worth more than two billion dollars
We’ve visited a factory that produces over eight million aluminum cans PER DAY
We met a man who takes recycling so seriously, he built an obstacle course to train service dogs, completely from scrap metal, rubber and wood used at his office (that may have otherwise been thrown away)!

All this from one project for one B2B company… who says B2B is boring?!?

Now we ask: what’s YOUR story?
Let Carbon8’s video experts find out so you can share it with the world.

Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts is a Director of Video Production at Carbon8. An Emmy-nominated born storyteller, she loves translating Clients’ needs into effective marketing narratives.

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