Explorers Club


Recently Carbon8 was presented with the opportunity to create a brand identity for the newly formed Ocean First Explorers Club.

EC-Blog post-01.28.16

The Explorers Club is a youth program that promotes ocean conservation and gives members the opportunity to learn more about the marine environment and how to be better stewards of our oceans.

So, the Carbon8 design team set out to create a series of potential identity lock-ups.
We eventually began to focus in on objects with known association to ocean exploration - the submarine, the periscope, and the bell helmet. Some of our explorations merged these icons with the club's initial to create a memorable association and meaning.

Given the fact that our audience were kids, we also wanted to make sure that the marks were somewhat playful, approachable, and contemporary. And armed with the knowledge that this particular audience has a great appreciation for swag, we also wanted to make sure that each potential design presented well as a T-shirt... A.K.A, swag appeal.


Chip Hisle
written by CHIP HISLE

Chip Hisle is Carbon8’s Creative Director. He comes to us with over 20 years’ experience and a finely tuned creative eye, working with Sterling-Rice Group, Qdoba, Children’s Hospital, and many others. Chip leads his creative team to deliver insightful and relevant designs, and seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding his clients’ objectives.

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