Carbon8 Completes ULA’s Revolutionary RocketBuilder Website


Carbon8 partners with United Launch Alliance to build revolutionary rocketbuilder.com

A screenshot of the ULA RocketBuilder.com website for commercial satellite customers

Carbon8 recently launched one of its most unique and high-profile projects – RocketBuilder.com. United Launch Alliance (ULA) partnered with Carbon8 to design and develop a website that allows users to design and build rockets – just like customizing a car online. The purpose of RocketBuilder.com is to give customers the power to specify the ULA rocket they need to launch their satellite and be provided with fully transparent costs as well as the value tied to ULA’s unique capabilities. As ULA CEO Tory Bruno said, “the sticker price on the rocket is just the tip of the iceberg.” It was up to Carbon8 and ULA to remove the complexity and make it easy for a user to build a launch mission on a website.

The site provides customers more transparency when purchasing a rocket in terms of costs and savings tied to ULA’s three value pillars: unmatched reliability, schedule certainty and orbit optimization. Users are in complete control of their build and have full access to the information and costs associated with variables like the spacecraft’s mass, launch date, orbit and service levels. This transparency is unheard of in the launch business. It will revolutionize the industry, making space more accessible, affordable and commercialized.

Carbon8 and ULA worked closely to establish and perfect the design and programming. The goal of RocketBuilder’s design was to create an interactive tool with which users could interact as simply as, well, building a car online. Carbon8’s design team expertise created aesthetics that are modern, sophisticated and fresh. RocketBuilder.com easily fits within a marketplace that demands straightforward usability while its responsive, evolved design will continue to push ULA forward.

User experience was the highest priority as the website needed to work flawlessly between mobile, tablet and desktop and provide users with a completely consistent experience across all devices. Carbon8 successfully laid out a site to account for numerous images and content, while ensuring the best usability possible. The site was user-tested extensively and meticulously to ensure it was essentially flawless upon launch.

RocketBuilder.com was unveiled at a live press conference that ULA also streamed via its YouTube channel. The site saw a total of 8,063 sessions among 7,443 users on the first day, and the bounce rate among users was 21.88%, meaning about 78% of users navigated further into the site after landing on the homepage. RocketBuilder.com received positive feedback from the industry, public and media, earning positive social media posts and coverage in publications such as The Washington Post, The Verge, Mashable and CBS News, among many others.

Mark Mitton
written by MARK MITTON

Mark Mitton is the president of Carbon8, bringing his passion for creative, strategic branding and deep experience in digital marketing to Carbon8 clients (and employees!). Mark founded Carbon8 with the knowledge that, in today’s digital age, beautiful creative and smart strategy must be supported by a strong programming team.

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