Reserve a dog for your next meeting at Carbon8 with the Carbon8 Meeting Mate


Carbon8 has always been a dog-friendly workplace, with a different dog (or three) in the office every day. We have clients come into the office several times a week who love having our furry friends around, so we thought to ourselves - why not let our clients choose their favorite dog to hang out with at Carbon8?!

Voila! We created the Carbon8 Meeting Mate - a web application that allows clients to choose which dog(s) they want to sit in on their meeting. After browsing each dog’s profile - including some incredibly cute pictures - clients can choose a dog or request not to have one in the office that day. Clients can even bring their own dog!

The Carbon8 Meeting Mate is a fun way to engage with our clients on a personal level and get them excited about coming into the office. We currently have eight dogs available for meetings: Buffy, Dre, Hazel, Keenan, Marty McDog, Wee Brit, Baxter and Euler with personalities ranging from calm and sleepy to energetic and excited. But, I predict this number will increase soon (I hear there is a new puppy)!

It’s not just about playtime, cuddles, kisses, and company. As dog owners, we cherish these precious moments with our canines, but dogs offer much more than we may know.

Recent studies show that being around dogs reduces stress, increases productivity, and promotes a more friendly office environment. One study states, "over the course of the day, stress declined for the DOG group with their dogs present and increased for the NO DOG and NO PET groups." Dogs also encourage their owners to get out of the office and take a walk, which increases energy and lets the brain have a break. And who can resist that face?!

All of our dogs make great company and will make your next visit to our office even more fun. So, set up a meeting with the Carbon8 Meeting Mate and reserve a pup at our Denver office! You can expect an even bigger hello (or slobbery kiss) from one of our four-legged friends, or bring your own dog! We'd love to meet him or her!

Caroline Kennedy
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