Go Behind the Scenes with Carbon8 (Literally!)


We all know video is an amazing way to grab your customers’ attention. At Carbon8, we also know how much effort it takes to make a great video happen. Take an inside look at the blood, sweat, tears and makeup it took to create our latest Carbon8 video!

We at Carbon8 make lots of videos. Like this. Or this. Or even this. But, just as the cobbler always needs new shoes, it’s been a while since Carbon8 did any online video production FOR Carbon8


So we decided to correct that. Have you ever been frustrated by an experience online? We decided to take some of those common frustrations and make them funny, on camera.

And you might be surprised by the caliber of our actors. I smell an Emmy!




We shot this video over a long 12-hour shoot on a Saturday. It had about eight scene changes, including footage inside a moving car. We also had costumes (known as “wardrobe” in the biz), professional hair and makeup and lunch (our team will do pretty much anything for Chipotle).

We’re planning to release the video as part of a larger outbound campaign in the coming months, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:


We truly believe in the power of online video marketing. And now that we’ve done it for ourselves, we’d love to do it for you!

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Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts is a Director of Video Production at Carbon8. An Emmy-nominated born storyteller, she loves translating Clients’ needs into effective marketing narratives.

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