5 Web Design Trends in 2017 We Love


The design world is constantly changing with newer and more interesting trends.

The world of digital and web design moves at an even faster pace. This is due to changing technology and adaptations to capabilities in CSS versus the use of Flash or traditional imagery. These adaptations have opened more opportunities for what digital designers can craft, ultimately freeing them from many old limitations within web design.

Here are 5 new trends Carbon8’s design team is noticing this year and how they are being utilized: 



Gradients had fallen out of favor for a few years as the rise of flat design took over but now they are making a major comeback. The resurgence has been used subtly and make a brand’s colors look refreshing and new. It allows designers to use a relatively clean, white aesthetic with a punch of colored gradient that brings everything to life. 
Apple’s last software update for the iOS icons were a prime example. Another example of gradient use can be found in the new Instagram branding where gradients are now big, bold and use plenty of color.
The most popular usage is a two-color gradient overlay on photos. You can also use a gradient background to draw the eye when you don’t have other imagery to work with. We have used this treatment in many recent designs like this one: https://www.mapptrap.com.


Super Simple Homepages

More website designs are starting to strip away much of the content on the homepage and opting for a much simpler style. This allows the user to go more in-depth with the interior pages. More designers are opting for a design that features only a word or two on the first screen of the design.
And before you worry about SEO, these pages are often packed with plenty of information below the scroll. Thanks to mobile websites, users are scrolling more on websites regardless of device. This makes it easier to design a light, airy hero area and pack the design with content upon scroll.
We love this treatment and have used it recently on this site: https://filepilot.com.


Asymmetric Grid Designs 

Instead of having perfectly balanced designs, one of the newest trends that relies on interesting and engaging animations has been the use of an asymmetrical grid layout. This started becoming popular in 2016 and is becoming more prevalent this year. Asymmetrical grid designs are designs and layouts that are not perfectly balanced on either side. Instead, content floats on either side, leading the user down the page through subtle animations and clean, white space. We think this is an interesting and unique way to get people to see content in a fun way. Our site design for Design Wright Studios has taken advantage of this technique, bringing to life a design-focused brand. https://designwrightstudios.com.


Tactile Design-Photo Realism 

Web design is rooted in physical things and a new trend that is gaining a lot of visual interest has been layering and the development of more tactile objects. Designers are much more rooted in reality. This includes images, rather than illustrations, and plenty of elements that feel like the user can reach out and touch them. The images are more natural as well, featuring elements that are made from materials found in nature and crafted into usable objects. We love the idea of material and tactile things taking on more of a presence in web design. We have taken advantage of this idea of the physical product in our recent work with Dry Dock Brewing Co., using physical elements of the beer barrels and beer cans to visualize all the elements each beer is made of, making the design come to life. https://drydockbrewing.com/


Monochromatic Color Palettes 

Tactile principles have carried over into color palettes as well. While the last two years have been some of the most colorful we have seen in web design that is going to shift to a more monochromatic set of hues.
Look at more pops of one or two colors and take the brand further with complimentary colors from those primary color sets. We have utilized this in our recent design work for Cortet, using purple and bright hibiscus hues to pop off white, and then using similar colors to bring the site to life. https://www.cortet.com/


Gabby Valdespino

Gabby Valdespino is a Senior Designer at Carbon8, whose design philosophy is rooted in clean and useable design. To her, good design is not limited to any platform and should always make you feel something.

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