Data and Your Customer


Data is important. Why? Because everyone says so. But what is important about data and how can we present data to others in an effective way? 

From an agency side, the data that you collect and the way you present it can make or break the way your clients view the value that you bring to the table.
A monthly report is often comprised of this month’s data compared to last month’s data; year-over-year data, and possible recommendations moving forward. We often schedule a call and do a screen share with our clients of the information that we deem important, and we wipe our hands clean of the presentation until the next monthly report. While all of the information that we give our clients is the key to maintaining a relationship with them, what can we do to increase our value to the client? How can we stay relevant? How can we set ourselves apart?
These questions and more were the topic of a seminar at the Denver Digital Summit June 2015. In his talk, “The First Rule of Marketing Analytics: Forget the Customer,” Matt Hertig touched on the importance of data-its collection and its presentation. He talked about moving on from dated PowerPoint presentations and manual collection of data to data aggregates and interactive dashboards. Since data is less proprietary than before and your competition is just a click away, moving in this more interactive and cohesive reporting method could make all the difference for your agency.

Jill Bartholomew

Jill Bartholomew is an Account Manager at Carbon8. She has worked for several companies from start-ups to fortune 500 companies. Her passion for helping clients achieve their goals has led to success in building brands, growing brand awareness, and ultimately growing the bottom line for clients. Prior to coming to Carbon8, Jill worked at Location3 Media, a digital marketing agency based in Denver, servicing clients such as AT&T, Kindercare, Darden Restaurant Group, and Northwestern Mutual.

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