Custom Website Design Checklist


Building a custom website is exciting!  Here is a handy custom website design checklist of items that you will need to deliver to your agency to get started.



Building a custom website is an exciting time for your business.  Keep in mind there are a lot of moving pieces both you and your agency will need to keep track of to create an efficient workflow.  Here is a handy custom website design checklist of items that you will need to deliver to your agency before website design starts.

  1. Logo master files in vector format, such as .eps, Illustrator, or .ai. Make sure to include both horizontal and vertical options of the logo.
  2. Brand guide or brand standards. This is the most effective way to inform the graphic design team how to implement your brand to ensure a seamless brand transformation to the web. Your brand guide should include anything that is important to your brand. 
  3. Approved color scheme. Knowing the arrangement or combination of colors you’d like your site to have is an important first step in website design.
  4. Typography needs. Your website design will need to use a web font. Web fonts are different than desktop fonts, which are installed on your computer and compatible with systems such as Word and Photoshop. Web fonts, on the other hand, are downloaded by the user’s browser. Google offers more than 800 free font families. You can also purchase web fonts for a licensing fee.
  5. High-resolution imagery of your staff and/or products. We recommend high-resolution imagery be 300dpi (dots per inch). Photos will be sized down for web usage, but providing high-resolution imagery will allow for the graphic designer to edit the photo without compromising quality.

To learn more about how these items fit into our website process, take a look at our process doc.

Brittany Clifford

Brittany is an account manager with over four years of marketing experience. Her background includes project management and brand strategy.

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