How Much of a Time Commitment is Launching a New Website?


Launching a new website is no easy task. We’ve provided some recommendations for how much time should be dedicated to a successful site launch. 

At Carbon8, we are website design and development experts. We have launched dozens of websites on a variety of CMS platforms and hosting configurations. We know all the tricks and the pitfalls. We also know what to expect from a time commitment standpoint.

Although we have dedicated teams to create your project plan, execute on deliverables, meet milestones and guide you through the process, Carbon8 recommends that our clients allow for the following minimum time commitments for the duration of the project.

Week 1:  4-hour kick-off meeting
Week 2: 1-hour interview
Week 4: Two 1-hour design presentations
Ongoing: 1-2 hours weekly for review and approvals

Main Marketing Contact and Support Staff:  
Week 1: 4-hour kick-off meeting
Week 2: Two 1-hour design presentations
Ongoing: Weekly 1-hour status meetings
Ongoing: At least 20 hours a week for internal communications, review, approvals, content creation and collection, QA and launch
After Launch:     Two hours CMS training

IT Staff: 
Week 2: 2-hour technical discovery meeting
Weeks 4-6: Up to four 1-hour technical planning meetings
Weeks 10-12: 20 hours a week for two weeks for QA
Week 13: Two 1-hour launch planning meetings
Week 14: Up to 8 hours a day for two days for launch

Lisa Hillmer-Poole

Lisa Hillmer-Poole is the VP of Accounts at Carbon8 with more than 18 years of combined agency and in-house marketing experience. Lisa partners with Senior Agency Management, Account Managers and clients to strategize, develop and execute long-range communications and digital marketing plans. Serving as liaison between her team and Development, Design, Search, and Senior Agency Management, Lisa plays a key role in developing the next generation of account management talent at Carbon8.

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