The Search Marketing Challenges and Opportunities of B2B


B2B marketing has unique challenges and opportunities compared to B2C marketing. And that maybe the most unremarkable sentence written in 2013…so far. However, when it comes to search and social marketing in the B2B space, we often find that the these same unique challenges and opportunities are thrown out the door as campaigns are set up and managed the same for a digital resource management platform as they are for the latest diet pill being peddled.

I have worked with some of the biggest technology providers on fulfilling their social and SMM needs by creating specifically B2B-focused strategies to all online marketing. This means pulling back the "wide net" approach often associated with B2C campaigns. You have probably heard this sold as "awareness campaigns." Now, there is nothing wrong with increasing awareness and even making that a goal of your online marketing efforts. But when your campaign dollars are going out the door to audiences that don't need your product or service, you have an ineffective campaign that is most likely raising your cost per conversion/acquisition and slowing the growth of your social presence.

Here at Carbon8 we ensure that our clients' SEM efforts are being tailored to the unique needs of each individual business. What does this mean? It means becoming integrated in our clients' business and industries. We need to walk the talk with our clients so we're not shooting in the dark when it comes to targeting. We are speaking, engaging and finding the audiences on their terms. We understand that in the B2B world we're not dealing with an average consumer; we are often dealing with experts. It is our responsibility as our clients' marketing agency to even the playing field, elevate their brand and engage their consumer. It all starts with us. From landing pages to rich media resources, we effectively tailor each piece to an specific and highly educated consumer. This is achieved by a deep understanding of your business.

I look forward to working the wonderfully diverse clients of Carbon8. To our client's marketing challenges, I say bring it on!

Neil Robertson
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