We Love Simplicity in Our Technology:


As busy professionals, parents, friends, and people in general, we value efficiency and simplicity above all else. We utilize technology in our everyday lives and love every bit of it. We also love when a technology is invented to make using our devices more simplistic.

NFC (near-field communication) is a chip technology that enables devices to transfer small amounts of data between each other. NFC works by tapping two devices together to securely exchange data, both devices have to have an NFC chip for the transfer to be successful. Sony offers more NFC products than any other electronics company in the world. Sony said "the technology would ease media transfer and streaming among phones, tablets, TVs, and audio devices by establishing a link between them just by touching the devices to one another."

The more the device is used in products, the more streamlined and less ADD our technology usage will become, which we love!

The technology has made its fame by being used to allow consumers to pay for products by swiping their smart phones in front of a register. This claim to fame, however, is not what the technology has been most used for. At the Consumer Electronic Show, the technology popped up in almost every product you can think of besides cash registers. Aside from the well-known cell phone, NFC also appeared in televisions, cameras, speakers, business cards, refrigerators and the list goes on and on.

Companies are realizing the potential of this technology and are not waiting to incorporate it into their product line.

The NFC technology can be very beneficial to most companies due to its promotion of simplifying technology. All consumers are so inundated with all of their technology devices and the usage of each one; they're exhausted. Not to mention, every product now has some type of technological element. A refrigerator used to just keep my food cold, but now I can keep inventory and store recipes in my refrigerator.

Our lives are slowing being consumed by technology in every facet and a simplifying tactic is just what the doctor ordered. The idea of being able to tap my phone to my computer to transfer pictures is amazing! Forget all the chords that ultimately make you want to strangle yourself with them, and adopt this new "tapping" way of life for you and for your customers!

Kathryn McGlamery
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