Celebrating Women’s History Month: Influential Women in Advertising


This month is Women's History Month, and in celebration we wanted to feature women who have made huge impacts in the advertising industry. Read on to view just a handful of these brilliant women who continue to shape the world of advertising and marketing.


Margaret Keene
Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

Keene has been in your life more than you know. Keene helped create Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, which has been seen and embraced by millions of Apple users and enthusiasts around the world. This tagline was also used extensively with photos of Steve Jobs as tributes after his death.



Susan Credle
Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett

You know those snarky walking and talking M&M’s you see on TV? You have Credle and her team to thank for those. Credle is a virtual powerhouse, starting her career as a secretary at BBDO in 1985 and working her way to the top as Executive Creative Director. She then left BBDO for Leo Burnett, but only after creating award-winning campaigns for clients like Cingular, Pepsi and FedEx.



Caroline Jones
Founder, Caroline Jones Advertising

Another passionate upstart, Jones started her career as secretary at J. Walter Thompson and worked her way up to Creative Director. After several executive positions at other agencies, Jones founded Caroline Jones, Inc. Her clients included McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and American Express, among others. Ms. Jones passed away in 2001, but left an indelible legacy.



Shirley Au
President and COO, Huge

Au was brought on initially as Huge’s first project manager, but became much more than that as she helped Huge’s founding partners build their business. Au also helped set the tone for airline websites with her redesign of JetBlue’s website in 2005.



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Laurel Cutler
Vice Chairman, FCB/Leber Katz Partners

Cutler is living proof that being a senior doesn’t mean you are out of touch with the world around you. Cutler is a celebrated advertising futurist, who is incredibly apt at forecasting marketing trends. She was inducted into the AAF Hall of Fame in 2011, and was responsible for bringing marketing planning to the U.S. in the early 80s. Cutler has consulted for some of the world’s biggest entities, such as Ford, Kraft, Citicorp, Colgate and United Airlines.
(photo cutline: Laurel Cutler (left), receiving her AAF award)


Jane Maas
Copywriter, Ogilvy & Mather

Maas has dubbed herself the real-life Peggy Olsen, having been a part and witness to advertising’s rise during the 60s and beyond. Maas is another women who has left a mark on your life without you knowing it - specifically with the I Love NY tourism campaign that is known worldwide, thanks to t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons and more. Mass has earned 47 creative awards over the years and written several books, included "Mad Women."



Linda Kaplan Thaler
Chairman, Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Here is the woman you can blame, or thank, for the Aflac duck commercials. Thaler is an award-winning exec who’s made an appearance on reality TV shows including “The Apprentice” and “Making It Big.” In addition to her work with the duck, she’s also known for the Toys “R” Us “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid” campaign, the Kodak Moments campaign and the orgasmic Clariol Herbal Essences Campaign. Kaplan Thaler founded the Kaplan Thaler Group in 1997 and merged with Publicis New York in 2012. Current clients include Nestle, L’Oreal, Pfizer, Wendy’s and many others.


Carolyn Everson
Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

This woman is single-handedly responsible for making Facebook a viable advertising entity. Now, Facebook makes $1 billion every quarter in ad revenue. Previous to Facebook, Everson was an ad sales exec at MTV, whose higher-ups rejected her suggestion to buy Facebook early in its inception.

Erin Behrenhausen

Erin Behrenhausen is Art Director for Carbon8, and has over 15 years of experience as a designer in the Denver area. Erin is passionate about strong, clean design that creates an emotional impact, and believes that typography and balance are the foundation of good design.

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