Brand Redesign Spotlight: DesignWright and Artisan Rugs


Design Wright Studios and Artisan Rug Gallery both recently approached Carbon8 in need of a brand redesign and new online presence that more accurately reflected their style, design and expertise.


Both brands are moving into a new shared community design space and even though each brand is distinctive and unique, they felt it was important the brands share a similar level of finish and sophistication. 

For Artisan Rug Gallery, it was important to establish a brand identity that captured the brand’s unique offerings while also positioning the gallery among local and national leaders within the category. The previous branding did not convey the sophistication of the company, nor the stylish, refined products sold by Artisan Rugs Gallery. Our update focuses on clean lines that evoke the product and a color palette featuring neutral tones and a vibrant punch of red. 

For Design Wright, the goal was to craft a brand identity that served as a better reflection of their standing within the design community, as well as their own unique style and product spectrum. With a heavy script font logo and no defining mark, Design Wright was missing a quick visual cue to represent the studio’s distinctive work and product lines. The simple chair within the new mark is suggestive of clean design lines and conjures up memories of Herman Miller. Design Wright also makes use of a sophisticated color palette with an accent of gold to further elevate the brand. 

You can see both the Design Wright Studios and Artisan Rugs Gallery brand redesign work highlighted on the Work section of our website. Carbon8 wishes them both the best as they break ground on their next design endeavor.


Chip Hisle
written by CHIP HISLE

Chip Hisle is Carbon8’s Creative Director. He comes to us with over 20 years’ experience and a finely tuned creative eye, working with Sterling-Rice Group, Qdoba, Children’s Hospital, and many others. Chip leads his creative team to deliver insightful and relevant designs, and seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding his clients’ objectives.

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