Why You Should Stop What You're Doing and Start Remarketing


Remarketing is an absolute must-have arrow for your digital marketing quiver.  Let's take a look at what makes this Google AdWords tool so powerful and how you can leverage it for your business.

You’re developing great content. You’ve blasted it all over social media.  You have a keyword strategy and you’re sticking to your content calendar.  You’ve launched a few AdWords campaigns around whitepaper downloads and a new product offering. You’re building your organic traffic and spending all the resources you have to charge up the rankings for key industry terms.

Congratulations! That’s fantastic! But you aren't running AdWords remarketing and dynamic remarketing campaigns? Stop what you are doing (for the moment) and start remarketing.

Remarketing is an incredibly effective way to reach your audience without spending a lot of time or money. Let’s take a look at how it works and what the advantages are.

Like traditional “display” advertising through google, remarketing ads can easily be shown on the “Google Display Network” (GDN). This is a vast network of websites that includes major sites as well-known as ESPN, smaller sites you’ve never heard of and virtually every mobile app you can think of.

Unlike text ads on the “search” network, “display” ads are not shown in the search results to people who are actively looking for something. Rather, these ads (typically images) appear on pages that are part of the GDN.

The GDN allows you to target users based on demographics, interests, display keywords, topics, placements, devices and locations. It also allows you to exclude placements based on the content of the website (sensitive, profane, adult, etc.) or even the type of placement, such as gaming apps or gambling sites.

The placements of your ads is very customizable, however ‘display’ ads are mostly about building awareness - especially for B2B companies.

The people seeing your ads are not necessarily your target audience even if you’ve been thorough in limiting who sees your ads and where. This is where remarketing comes in and why it’s so great.

This is a specific type of display campaign.  Think of it this way: All lions are cats but not all cats are lions.  All remarketing campaigns are display campaigns, but not all display campaigns are remarketing campaigns.

AdWords remarketing is a method for re-engaging past site visitors to your using “browser cookies”. The cookies allow you to follow these past visitors around wherever they go on the internet and show them ads that will bring them back to your website. They have already expressed interest in your business by previously visiting your site!




The audience is therefore much more targeted to people who are at least at the top of your sales funnel versus general display ads.

Remarketing allows you to stay on your potential customers’ minds and you can leverage different Calls to Action for different initiatives and prospective clients at different stages in the sales funnel.

This type of advertising tends to have much better click through rates, more conversions and significantly higher ROI than traditional awareness-building campaigns on the GDN.

“Dynamic remarketing” takes it one step further, and allows you to show visitors ads for specific products or services that they viewed on your site.

What’s more, AdWords remarketing essentially double-down on all the other great work you are doing that we mentioned in the first paragraph through remarketing with very little time or financial investment!

Did you share a great blog post on LinkedIn that drew users to your site? Now those users can be remarketed to and brought back to your site even if they didn’t fill out a form the first time around.

Are you reading this blog post because you saw it posted somewhere else? You just might see ads for Carbon8 later on as you continue to browse the internet. If it keeps us on your mind and you think your business could benefit from improved web visibility through inbound marketing, drop us a line!  

Matt O'Connell
written by MATT O'CONNELL

Matt is a Digital Marketing Manager at Carbon8 with a wide range of experience in SEO, PPC, Content and Social Marketing as well as direct sales. He has worked in a variety of business development roles in multiple industries across the United States and Latin America and he loves finding innovative ways to improve his clients' search marketing performance.

Matt holds a degree in Geography from the University of Maryland and is passionate about language and culture. He spent three years living and working in Buenos Aires prior to joining Carbon8.

A transplant to the Denver area, Matt is originally hails from Maryland and is a diehard Redskins football and Maryland Terrapins basketball fan. When he's not toiling away in the office, Matt can be found carving up the Rockies on his snowboard.

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