Save Our Inboxes Campaign


Just a quick post today on something I've been thinking about for a while. Email takes up way too much of our time. Normally here is where I'd explain what I'm talking about, but anyone who has a job in front of a computer already knows.

There are two sites (movements?) that address this problem from different angles. One is the idea of keeping your inbox clean -- Inbox Zero (site no longer available). If you can get rid of email fast (by deleting it, filing it as something to do, or briefly responding), you can keep your inbox neat and tidy, and it'll keep you from wasting precious brain time seeing the same email over and over and remembering that you have to do something with it.

I like this method, especially the delete part. Read more about cleaning stuff out.

The second method to getting out of the email trap is to help others not make so much email for you. This is a lofty goal, to be sure, but it would be amazing if we could get it rolling. Save Our Inboxes! Read the problem with email and the rules to help fix it.

In short, the author states that it takes far longer to respond to an email than it does to send it, so be extra considerate when you send something. Read the examples (or just think about all the emails you get from colleagues)... how long does it take to write versus respond? I'm going to start adhering to the rules.

Jeff Robertson

Jeff Robertson is a digital marketer and an online development expert with experience stretching back to dial-up. He is partner and Chief Technology Officer at Carbon8, where he helps bridge the gap between the technical and marketing worlds, as well as oversees technical infrastructure.

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