Differences between B2C & B2B Digital Marketing


We often get asked what we think the difference is between B2C and B2B digital marketing and if they really need someone that specializes in B2B. In our opinion, yes, you definitely want an agency with solid B2B experience.

There are a lot of differences between B2B and B2C execution on creative, messaging and strategy. Obviously all B2B consumers are B2C consumers at night but not differentiating the difference between the two buying behaviors is a mistake we see agencies make when they're not familiar with B2B. Some of the primary differences when approaching creative for B2B are:

  • B2B has a longer, more complex buying cycle. Campaigns need to fit into this system and support sales teams to shorten these cycles.
  • Decision making is rarely made by one person in a silo. Even with a single person as the decision maker, decisions are often made with multiple stakeholders with different needs and requirements in mind. Decisions need to be backed by research and metrics. Because of this, all decisions take into consideration an aspect of calculated risk - the credibility of the company, service or product offering. The best solution isn't always the safest in the buyers mind - all companies have their own messaging challenge.
  • The message and approach outweighs the creative aesthetic. Believe us when we say, we strongly believe that B2B creative can be just as exciting and beautiful as B2C, but at the end of the day, the form and function of B2B work makes or breaks the success of B2B campaigns.

If you're interested in learning more about our approach to B2B, contact us today to discuss your next project.

Shay Ruggles
written by SHAY RUGGLES

Shay Ruggles is the Director of UX at Carbon8 who ensures we are creating compelling experiences that balance user intent, clients’ business needs and site performance. A former Account Manager, Video Producer and Carbon8’s first employee, Shay leveraged her years of experience, education and research to transition to the creative team of Carbon8 in 2012.

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