Parkinson's Association of the Rockies Website Rebrand Case Study


Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to share some of our logic behind the Parkinson's Association of the Rockies website rebrand.

We were thrilled to be able to redo the site (again) and show the Parkinson's Association of the Rockies how Carbon8 has grown. Here is a little insight into the process...

Reviewed Feedback and Google Analytics

First things first, we met with the PAR team and reviewed their new goals and talked through the feedback they had heard from their community. Then we took a look at their Google Analytics. We reviewed their in-page analytics as well as their page views and traffic to get a sense for what content visitors were using and what wasn't working.

Areas we found needed improvement:

  • No one was reading the inspirational stories on the home page but they were really interested in the "Featured Stories"
  • Visitors were interested in learning more about local events; specifically educational events, fundraising events, support group information and how to get involved with PAR
  • From visitor feedback we found out that no one liked how the content was separated by "Patients" and "Caregivers" and we need to completely reorganize the site structure and update the content to meet best practices for scannability

PAR Website Rebrand Case Study - 1

Target Audience Research

Once we had a better feeling for what needed work, we set out to make sure from a UX design perspective, we were setting our target audience up for success. We read several reports regarding the senior target audience, how they use the web and how we could accommodate their unique needs. We held a focus group and talked about the unique needs of people with Parkinson's and how we could help them have the best experience on the site possible.

Areas we found needed improvement:

  • Larger text size - with the option to adjust if necessary to compensate for weakening vision
  • Larger touch areas to accommodate for loss in motor control
  • We confirmed everyone still liked "Betty," our senior in warrior II, because she reflected an active life style
  • We confirmed our target audience's desire for a place to find a community of people with Parkinson's and how they could get involved

The Results

We ended up with a beautiful new site that better serves the people with Parkinson's community.

PAR Website Rebrand Case Study - 2

PAR Website Rebrand Case Study - 3

PAR Website Rebrand Case Study - 4

If you are interested in a website rebrand done for your own website, feel free to contact us to get started!

Shay Ruggles
written by SHAY RUGGLES

Shay Ruggles is the Director of UX at Carbon8 who ensures we are creating compelling experiences that balance user intent, clients’ business needs and site performance. A former Account Manager, Video Producer and Carbon8’s first employee, Shay leveraged her years of experience, education and research to transition to the creative team of Carbon8 in 2012.

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