Scaretober: Building Office Camaraderie Through The Power Of Scares


Imagine one of your coworkers is quietly working. With a fake spider in hand you slowly creep up to his or her desk, while everyone else keeps your presence a secret. As you drop the spider in front of their face you give a loud screech for good measure. Sharing a good laugh you can't help to wonder who will be next. Welcome to Scaretober.

For the entire month of October you must be on heightened alert here at Carbon8. Because, when scaring your coworkers turns into a game, ultimately someone must win. You can’t help becoming more aware of every corner one comes across. Also, you will learn to keep your headphones on low giving you every chance to deter the scarer.

From props to air horns and more cowbell almost anything goes. But of course there must be some rules. No fake firings, deaths or anything of that nature. (Apparently those ideas are frowned upon.) If by chance you do become the victim of a harmless scare you must relinquish one of your ten spider tokens to the specific scarer. Come October 31 whomever has the most spiders will become the Scaretober champ, giving him or her bragging rights till next October. Now, you may be asking yourself what constitutes as a scare? If one has a physical response as in a jump, scream or notisable twitch you have the right to one of their spiders. So keep a steady hand and try your best to not show fear.

In my opinion you can play this one of two ways. Defensively, or offensively. Some may say that the best defense is a good offense. Maybe you are one to stay under the radar holding onto your ten spiders till the moment is right. Playing the waiting game until November is almost upon us, sweeping up a few good scares to put you into the lead. Or, starting off strong and staying strong. Of course if you start the party right away, collecting as many spiders as you can, you will paint a big target on your back. If you can keep it going though it wont matter if everyone wants to scare you because your lead will be great enough to sustain a victory.

Feel free to take this knowledge and edit how you see fit. Maybe you have an even better idea on how to make Scaretober the event your office looks forward to each year. Just don’t spend too long hiding around the corner, there is still work to be done. (They pay me to say that.)

May the scares be with you from all of us at Carbon8. BOO!

Cody Murri
written by CODY MURRI

Cody Mitchell Murri is a Designer at Carbon8 who lives by the idea that, what you design should be supported by strategy and concept. Throughout past experiences in both advertising and his time abroad, he has been trained to let the concept inspire and support each design decision he makes.

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