Creative Colorado Beer Logo Concepts


As a new feature in our upcoming newsletters, designers will be reimagining Colorado brands and sharing the strategy behind their designs.


Created by: Gabby Valdespino

When tasked with a redesign of the New Belgium Logo my first thoughts were, “why fix something, that is not broken”. The traditional New Belgium logo is perfectly simple and iconic which is what makes it so memorable. We first wanted to keep that simplicity and cleanliness while still maintaining the integrity and iconic format of the original brand. Using the same colors and original typeface, I created a more flat perspective of the traditional logo. While the original logo is a flattened three-dimensional format of a Dutch bicycle, I chose to flatten it even more and raise the perspective of the surface but increasing that weight. The final logo is overall very clean and more symmetrically balanced in its circular format. Overall, the logo maintains its originality and keeps its iconic nature, it is just portrayed in a more simple and clean fashion.


Created by: Erin Behrenhausen

For the Oskar Blues logo redesign, we decided to bring in more of a whimsical nature while making it overall more clean and legible. While the traditional logo has more of a funky typeface, we wanted to create a cleaner face, thus allowing us the opportunity to increase the font size of the name while still being able to read it. To keep its original rustic feel, we roughened the edges of the oval stamp while making it more circular and very pleasing to the eye. The use of stars was simplified to four stars, representing their four flagship breweries in the state of Colorado. Finally, we brighten the colors of the original logo to make it stand out and making it overall very clean, easy to read and fun.


Created by: Cody Murri

For the redesign of the Great Divide logo I wanted to focus on getting back to their roots. The new design incorporates the topography of the mountains and the beauty of Colorado.  I wanted to take a more regal approach while still throwing a twist on the aesthetics of the typeface and color used. Overall, the redesigned logo is intended to be different by creating a unique marriage between all of the components listed above while creating the feeling of being in the rugged mountains of Colorado.

Alison Westcott

Alison is an Account Supervisor with over seven years of marketing and public relations experience. Her specialties include brand strategy, online communications and event planning.

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