Compound Growth: Technology alleviates growing pains for compounding pharmacy client


Client Brown’s Compounding Center first approached Carbon8 at a pivotal moment of growth. With a fast-growing national sales force, the ex-mom-and-pop shop knew they needed to step up their marketing communications and most importantly, figure out how to give their salespeople the tools they needed - and fast.

What ensued was a complete overhaul on their marketing materials - both internal and external.

The Website

The Brown’s website needed a makeover. They wanted professional. They wanted organized. And they wanted to keep the friendly-pharmacy-on-the-corner feel. They are not a big, corporate outfit with heavy-duty machinery flying through prescription after prescription. Instead, they have a modest lab with medications being mixed carefully by hand. They have a competent staff that cares about their patients, and takes extra special care when it comes to each prescription.

To convey all that, we organized a photo shoot and the images can be found throughout the website. Carbon8 took extra care to keep the website design from feeling too corporate. We also built them a comprehensive content management system giving them complete control over the site. Take a peek at the new Brown’s Compounding website (site no longer available).

The App

When Brown’s salespeople meet with prescribers there’s a lot to talk about in not much time. How do they educate prescribers on how compounding works, what Brown’s stands for, and why their products are better than competitors’ products in a few minutes? With a little help from an iPad, of course!

Carbon8 worked with Brown’s to design a sleek (but not corporate!) app that allows sales people to quickly hit on highlights, and support their conversations with visuals, diagrams and interactive charts. More than a sales tool, it’s a learning experience for prescribers, allowing them to see first-hand the operations at Brown’s via video of real staff doing the work they do every day.

Director of Business Operations Tracy Klockner said of the app: "Our level of professional ism has been elevated to equal that of many big companies in the industry for decades."

Excellent - just what we were going for!

Brown's Compounding App Homescreen with video footage of work being done in their lab.

The Results

Brown’s now has the means to efficiently operate a national sales force without losing their focus on what matters most - giving patients top-quality, custom medications that improve their quality of life. And quite frankly, we’re honored we could play a role in that.

Kristi Petrie
written by KRISTI PETRIE
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