Top 8 Best Halloween Fonts...Ever.


It's that time of year again. The time when you actually seek out seemingly illegible fonts, oozing with just enough camp to make your party invitations and event posters a little more interesting. As a huge fan of both Halloween and typography, I've taken it upon myself to gather a collection of the creepiest fonts this side of 1001Fonts, to share with you, dear fiends. Happy Halloween (Fonts)!

Bleeding Freaks

by Norfok Incredible Font Design


One part horror, one part Rat Fink, this font makes being a freak a little more fun. Caveat: Bleeding Freaks does not have numbers, as you can see above. Available for free personal use here.

Green Fuz

by Ray Larabie, Typodermic


Inspired by American horror comics of the 50s, this font also served as the logotype for the punk/garage band The Cramps. Available for free personal use here (link no longer available).


by Noah Scalin and Mark Conahan


If your project requires skulls, Skullphabet is your font. Based on Futura Bold typeface, this font packs a punch. Free download here.


by Rotodesign


Resembling letters painted with blood, Zombie is truly a classic. Plus, who doesn't like zombies? Free download here.

Feast of Flesh

by Blambot


Ripped from the pages of vintage horror comics! Use with caution. Free download here.

Dead Secretary

by Dirt2/SickCapital


Beautifully grungy, complete with calligraphic embellishments and eroded type. Available for free personal use here.

Fette Fraktur

by Digital Type Foundry


Most of the time you'll see this font used on Oktoberfest-type event collateral, but to me it's the perfect font for embodying those superstitious little villages that lie just on the outskirts of Frankenstein or Dracula's castle. Free download here.


by Iconian Fonts


(Not to be confused with the band "Hawkwind.") The "C" character alone gives me the willies. Sub-serifs reflect fangs or claws, perfect for some sort of werewolf-y application. Bonus: this font is complete with italics, expanded, condensed and outlined cases. Available for free personal use here.

Haunted Mouse

by Steve Ferrara


Just one look and you know what this font is based on - Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, one of my personal favorite D-Land attractions (second only to the Tiki Room). Available for free personal use here.

Erin Behrenhausen

Erin Behrenhausen is Art Director for Carbon8, and has over 15 years of experience as a designer in the Denver area. Erin is passionate about strong, clean design that creates an emotional impact, and believes that typography and balance are the foundation of good design.

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