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We have started a new tradition here at Carbon8 and that is ‘Friday Playlist’. Basically, a Carbon8er is in charge of creating a playlist that is played throughout the office on Friday afternoons. Now, this has been… “exposing,” if you will. A number of us are unashamed music snobs which add an element of critiquing to individuals picks but it’s all in good fun. For instance, playing a known Carbon8ers favorite song (reality: their most hated song in the history of mankind).

Last week I had the privilege of selecting the playlist. I decided to mix it up with some recent viral selections, music from friends and even purposely selecting my favorite track off a few recent female-driven albums that are incredible. So… drum roll please… The Neil Robertson Friday Playlist:

1. 'Falling' by Haim off their new album ‘Days Are Gone’ - I caught these ladies at Governor’s Ball (link no longer available)  in NYC this summer and they proved that the hype leading up to this album was well-deserved.

2. 'Hold On, We’re Going Home' by Drake off his recent album ‘Nothing Was The Same’ - This one was for Shay in light of the recent #StarbucksDrakeHands.

3. 'We Sink' by CHVRCHES off their new album ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ - Another female-driven track from a band that has made some recent waves outside of their music with an excellent piece on"online misogyny". [Another track available from SoundCloud]

4. 'I Am Here' by Savages off their new album ‘Silence Yourself’ - Erin caught these ladies in Edinburgh last spring and we both caught them at the Bluebird Theatre a few weeks ago and all I can say is these ladies rock heavy and I can’t get enough of it.

5. 'Sleepwalking' by The Chain Gang of 1974 featured on the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto and will be released on their forthcoming album due out Feb. 2014 - Kamtin, the man behind TCGO1974, has been a good friend of mine for years and despite releasing amazing music for some time, it’s nice to see him getting a lot of attention from this track that has literally exploded in the last month.

6. 'Prosthetic Love' by Typhoon from the album ‘White Lighter’ - This Portland band’s latest features some of their best work and they put on a can’t miss show with an orchestral sound filled in by as many as 12 or more musicians.

7. Gallup, NM' by The Shouting Matches from ‘Grownass Man’ - I wanted to see if anyone recognized who was singing this alt-countryesque track and they all failed but it’s none other than Justin Vernon who, more known for his project Bon Iver, has been a part of a number of noteworthy projects including this one.

8. 'Take It Out On Me'/a> by Chairlift on their most recent album ‘Something’ - I had the privilege of sharing the stage with this band a number of times when they started out in Boulder. Often playing to only a few of our friends in trade for food and beer, then a trio, they moved east to NYC and within months landed a track on an Apple Nano commercial and they rest, as they say, is history. Now only a duo, Caroline can set a mood with her voice like only very few can and this track is the highlight for me off this album and takes me away to relationships and loves lost long ago. I wish I was kidding.

9. Never Again' by Bahamas off their album ‘Barchords’ - This album was one of my top 5 from last year and this track is the embodiment, I believe, to what Afie Jurvanen was trying to convey throughout it.

10.'From Nothing' by Wild Ones from the album ‘Keep It Safe’ - Another Portland band tightly related to a previous band on this list, Typhoon, Danielle Sullivan has a voice that reminds me of the ladies in Eisley but layered on a sound that makes you want to move.

11.'Providence' by Foals from the album ‘Holy Fire’ - I knew I was going to catch these guys at Governors Ball but two days before I was to leave for NYC I had the chance to catch them here in Denver and I am glad I didn’t skip on it. This track is a highlight in their live shows and it had been some time since I had seen a band tear up a stage and, well, I needed it and they provided.

12. 'Ten Cent Pistol' by The Black Keys from the album ‘Brothers’ - This playlist was turning into a too recent list, I thought, featuring bands most of the people in the office had never heard of (which is totally fine, I know, and maybe partly the point) so I decided to throw in a more “friendly” band that the kids would recognize. (I told you already that I am music snob)

13. 'Flying Overseas' by Theophilus London from the EP ‘Lovers Holiday’ - A few years ago, I was in NYC for a long weekend visiting some friends and, despite it being February featuring bone-chilling temperatures, this song became the soundtrack of that trip as it was often played, taking us away to warmer environs in our heads and setting the mood for dance parties that forced us to shed our layers. Not quite a Lovers Holiday (quite the opposite, in fact) but a holiday nonetheless.

14. 'Stonehenge' by Ylvis - Ok, I know you all know the viral song and video The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) but the same group had a just as funny and just as excellent track on the centuries-long head scratcher Stonehenge (“Who the f%$k builds a Stonehenge?”).

15.'Stay Useless' by Cloud Nothings from the album ‘Attack On Memory’ - This album came out early last year and it was deservedly heralded as one of the best of 2012. These guys also put on a memorable show at the Larimer Lounge here in Denver.

16. 'Oblivion' by Grimes from the album ‘Visions’ - Grimes was probably the most talked about act last year in indie circles. This track was rated the top song of 2012 on a number of best of lists. I have to agree with them. This track and its video have been stuck in my head for the better part of a year. ‘Visions’ is a must-buy album if this is not in your collection.p>

17. 'Golden Light' by Twin Shadow from the album ‘Confess’ - Another breakout act from 2012 as well as a band I was able to catch live at Governor’s Ball. Twin Shadow rides so many lines from R&B to indie to… whatever, throw it in there. But what you get is an album with a lot of influences yet so uniquely its own.

18.'Myth' by Beach House from their latest album ‘Bloom’ - I thought for the few indie music fans at C8 that this was for them as something they would recognize. Again, I was wrong in my assumption. I did think some dream pop was necessary for the afternoon hours away from the weekend though and I was right. Now, at some point, Shay, our creative producer, said my playlist was like an orientation class for hipsters which led into a debate on what a hipster is and I think this song just faded as I got heated up. Maybe it wasn’t the dreamy track I needed.

19. 'Coming Down’' by Dum Dum Girls from the album ‘Only in Dreams’ - This track is haunting. Simple as that. Another track that takes me away but this time it drifts me off onto an open road a thousand miles from nowhere heading west into the sunset. A bit much? I know, but sometimes in life that is all you want, maybe even all you need, and this song is the perfect track to take you there.

20. What’s Up?’ by 4 Non Blondes from the legendary album ‘Bigger, Better, Faster, More !’ - Last but certainly not least… ERIN’S ALL-TIME FAVORITE SONG AND BAND. This one was for our designer, Erin, and I thought I’d end it on a bright note to celebrate all the hard work should puts in here at Carbon8. I am a nice guy.

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget, I highlighted this 20 song set with some choice gap tracks. choice gap tracks

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