Mobile Opportunities in B2B Marketing


Historically, B2B has lagged behind B2C in the mobile marketing arena, so you have a tremendous opportunity before you. Now is the time to use your B2B marketing tactics and do a few simple, interesting things that stand way out from your competition in the professional business marketing arena.

Did you know people check their smartphones an average of 150 times a day? Get in there! With just a few pieces of excellent content, you can use one of those 150 opportunities to make your customers feel excited and engaged with your products and services. In addition to creating content, have you ever explored the idea of mobile app development for your company? Apps keep you current, allow you to present your offerings in a way that's different from your website, and, let's face itÑmake you seem cool.

This means you, as a B2B marketing whiz, can get in while the deals are good and the inventory is high. Up your mobile ad spend to be more in line with average consumer mobile consumption, and you're ahead of the game.

If you have mobile project that needs development, feel free to contact us. We'd love to help!

Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts is a Director of Video Production at Carbon8. An Emmy-nominated born storyteller, she loves translating Clients’ needs into effective marketing narratives.

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