The Dreaded Brand Personality


When we do discovery meetings for our branding and rebranding projects, really all our projects, everything is smooth sailing until we get to brand personality. Everyone can talk about their products and services all day but once we start diving into the "marketing fluff" our clients often start by rolling their eyes.

Hey, I'm used to it; I know it's not for everyone! But this kind of information makes a HUGE difference when it comes to designing your website and defining a brand. Think about it this way, if you're introducing two friends, how do you describe them?

"This is Susan, she is a financial analyst. She always completes her work on time. Her work is always accurate. You can depend on Susan."

“This is Susan, she is has a great sense of humor and a sharp wit. She likes to have fun and joke around, but she’s always professional and knows her stuff.”

Telling your friend all about what Susan does doesn't give them any insight into what kind of person she is. This is what I would equate from a business perspective is your product offering, services and proof points.

Elaborating onto what she's like, on the second version, is what defines her from every other person. Each company is unique, and brand personality is what separates your company from everyone else.

I promise you, a personality is lurking in there somewhere! Our goal is to squeeze that out and create a visual representation of your products and services that expresses your unique brand personality. It's not just your offering that will differentiate you from your competition, brand personality is what differentiates Pepsi from Coke, AT&T from Verizon and you from your competitors.   

Shay Ruggles
written by SHAY RUGGLES

Shay Ruggles is the Director of UX at Carbon8 who ensures we are creating compelling experiences that balance user intent, clients’ business needs and site performance. A former Account Manager, Video Producer and Carbon8’s first employee, Shay leveraged her years of experience, education and research to transition to the creative team of Carbon8 in 2012.

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