What does it mean to be a digital marketing agency in 2013?


Clearly, you have to know a thing or two about websites. But, while web design and development may be our bread and butter, to be a digital marketing agency worth your salt in 2013, you've got to go beyond that. We've worked very, very hard to put together a portfolio that will truly serve our clients. I did the math and it looks like we happen to be an 8-trick pony.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC and Social Media)

What good is a website if search engines can't find it? Trust me; you don't want to find out. That's why we offer search engine optimization (SEO) too. Already got that under control but not satisfied with traffic and conversions? You may want to think about pay-per-click (PPC). We do that too. And don't forget about social media. Its way more than just building an audience these days and we can show you the growing impact social media has on SEO, among other things.

Mobile App Design and Development

Let's talk about mobile apps. I can tell you the B2B world has armed themselves with tablets and we're designing and developing interactive marketing sales tools that make their jobs easier and way more fun. Plus, they're selling faster and selling more with them.


One of our personal favorite pastimes that you may not know about is branding. There is nothing like spending time with a start-up, taking in their excitement and passion for the company they can't wait to launch, and turning that vision into a solid identity. We love it, and I think it shows. We've taken home gold for the past four years for branding from the Colorado Business Marketing Association. Logos and branding are truly our labor of love!


Know what else keeps us busy? Videos, videos and more videos. From live action, to animated, to slick CG models and tutorials, we write 'em, shoot 'em, and edit 'em. You might be surprised by what you see here .

Print Marketing

While it may feel like all things are going digital, we still find ourselves knee deep in concepting, copywriting and graphic design for plenty of print marketing collateral for clients. Sometimes, there's just no replacement for a solid, well-written, well-designed creative brochure, mailer or signage.


We have plenty of clients come to us with a grand vision and the design already done - they just need help with development. We're happy to do it! Agencies around town hire us to develop their own clients' digital projects and this usually ends up being a double feel-good type of project for us. Not only do their clients get a great website or app, but we get to make the agency look and feel good too. Everybody plays, everybody wins!

So there it is, folks. That's what an 8-trick digital pony looks like in 2013. There's probably a few things I left out, but the moral of the story is that if you have an online (or offline!) project that needs doing, give us a call . We'd love to work with you and make it great!

Kristi Petrie
written by KRISTI PETRIE
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